Kranji Beach Battle
Along Kranji Way at Kranji Reservoir Park / Kranji Dam
Singapore 118458

Kranji Reservoir (克兰芝蓄水池) was a former freshwater river that flowed out into the sea that dammed at its mouth to form a freshwater reservoir, and is home to a marsh. This reservoir in the north is the first to be opened for fishing in 1985, it has two fishing grounds, A and B, which are open from 7 am-7 pm daily. The reservoir has a nice scenic view and you can see Johor just across the straits.

Tours: There is no tours here. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is just around the corner.

History: Kranji Beach Battle - On this shoreline between the Kranji River and the Causeway, troops of the 27th Australian Brigade and Singapore volunteers of Lieutenant-Colonel Dalley's DALFORCE scored a victory against the invading Japanese forces.

On the morning of 10th February 1942, troops from the 4th Regiment of the Japanese Imperial Guards landed when the tide was low. They were stuck in the mud and were caught in oil slicks created by Allied troops releasing oil from the nearby Woodlands depot. The first waves of Japanese troops were burnt when Allied troops set fire to the oil.

However, for fear of being cut off by the Japanese landing from the west at Sarimbun and Jurong, the Australian troops and DALFORCE volunteers were ordered to withdraw south, thus allowing the Japanese to land and consolidate their invasion of Singapore.

(Source: National Heritage Board)

Address: Along Kranji Way at Kranji Reservoir Park/Kranji Dam.

Take the MRT to Kranji MRT Station, at the bus-stop in front of the MRT Station, take bus 925, alight after Kranji Dam.

Bus Stop Number 49199 (Kranji Reservoir Pk B): 925.

Bus Stop Number 49219 (Opp PUB Quarter): 925C.

Bus Stop Number 49211 (PUB Quarter): 925C.

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