Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo (ลานแสดงช้างและฟาร์มจระเข้สามพราน) is on the western outskirts of Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom province, less than an hour drive. They label it themselves as the "greatest elephant show in Thailand". The highlight of the elephant show is the round-up ceremony of Suay people, which is an acknowledgement of the relationship between the elephant and trainer or what is referred to as a mahout. Another highlight of the show that fascinates many visitors is the baby elephants playing fun games like foot ball and dancing. Also the 'Yutha Hathi' performance, which is a reenactment of a royal battle scene during the Ayuthaya Period is another part of the show that teaches the visitors about the history of Thailand.

Another highlight is The Crocodile Wrestling Show. It is a fight between a crocodile and a master from the farm, gives spectators a memorable experience.

The visitors can also try to check out the tropical garden and waterfalls on the elephant's back or visit the orchid nursery.

Daily Show Time
1st show
2nd show
Crocodile Wrestling Show
12.45 - 13.10
14.20 - 14.40
Magic Show
13.15 - 13.45
15.00 - 15.30
Elephant Theme Show
13.45 - 14.10
15.30 - 16.00

On March 24, 1985 , Mr. Pichai Chaimongkoltrakul, officially opened the zoo to the public as a family playground and tourist destination, as well as a centre of orchid propagation and crocodile breeding. Mr. Pichai bought four unemployed elephants from Surin then trained, an elephant show complete with sound effects and narration was presented for the first time in Thailand . The Elephant Theme Show, which was met with enthusiasm by people of all ages, has today become the main attraction of the Elephant Ground.

Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo also offers visitors a chance to see a thrilling crocodile show featuring a master crocodile catcher wrestling crocodiles in the traditional of Krai Thong, the most famous crocodile hunter in Thai legend.

Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo has all the facilities of a great family playground and was accredited by CITES as maintaining, “ One of the cleanest and most impressive public displays of crocodiles in the world. ” It is situated on 60 acres of land. The large variety of orchids, especially the famous Cattleya, which won first prize at the Ninth World Orchid Conference in 1978, helps add to the park-like atmosphere.


LocationSamphran Elephant Ground & Zoo
Located on Petkasem Road at Km.30, Samphran, Nakhon Pathom Province , Thailand. Tel: +66 (0) 2295 2938, 2295 2939
(ที่ตั้ง 117 หมู่ 6 ถนนเพชรเกษม กม. 30, อ. สามพราน จ. นครปฐม 73110)

This place is a bit away from the city of Bangkok, driving to Phetkasem Road to 30 km, and then the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo sign can be seen on the left side. It is just only 1 km before reaching the Rose Garden.

Operating hours: Daily 08.30 until 17.30 hrs.

Admission: Adult 500 baht, Child below 130 cms 300 baht.


Information correct as of January 2011.