SGH Walkabout
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Daily. Best to visit during the day time.
Begin your journey at Outram MRT Station.
SGH Walkabout
Within Singapore General Hospital compound.

SGH Walkabout will take you through Outram Prison, The First Public Dental Clinic, Norris Block, School of Nursing & Vicker's House, Bowyer Block, In Memoriam of Fallen Students, College of Medicine Building, Tan Teck Guan Building, Harrower Hall, King Edward VII Hall at Sepoy Lines, Mistri Wing and Stanley Block.

The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's first general hospital and also its oldest and largest hospital. The origins of Singapore General Hospital can be traced back to a wooded shed erected in the cantonement for British troops located near the Singapore River in 1821, shortly after Sir Stamford Raffles' landing in Singapore.

The need for better hospital, the building of a fourth General Hospital finally commenced in 1843 at Pearl's Hill. Pearl's Hill was demarcated as a military zone to be fortified, so the general hospital was opened in 1860 at the Kandang Kerbau district.

In 1873, a cholera outbreak, forced an immediate relocation of hospital premises to the temporary location at Sepoy Lines. After the outbreak was contained, it was proposed that the hospital should permanenetly remain at Sepoy Lines on the grounds of its central location and elevated land. Subsequently, the sixth General Hospital was constructed at Sepoy Lines along Outram Road and was opened in 1882.

Due to overcrowding, a bigger General Hospital at the same site, the seventh, was officially named Singapore General Hospital, opened on 29 Mar 1926.

The hospital's premises were seized by Japanese forces on 18 Feb 1942. The need for expansion again, the construction of a new SGH complex was commenced in the late 1970s and was officially opened by the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on 12 September 1981.

In early 2000, a major reorganisation of the public healthcare sector initiated by the government placed SGH under the management of Singapore Health Services.

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