Kent Ridge Canopy Walk
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Lighting hours from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am.

Take bus 200, alight at South Buona Vista Road and proceed by foot via Vigilante Drive.

Bus 92, alight at the end of Science Park Drive.

Buses 10, 30, 51, 61, 143 and 176 to Pasir Panjang Road and proceed by foot via Pepys Road.

Kent Ridge Canopy Walk
Vigilante Drive off South Buona Vista Road. Access via Vigilante Drive, Science Park Drive and Pepys
A 280 m-long Kent Ridge Canopy Walk providing a link between Kent Ridge Park and Reflections of Bukit Chandu, enhancing the park's and museum's accessibility to the public, especially the elderly and physically challenged. This boardwalk takes you up at the tree canopy, and offers some breathtaking views of the area.

Walk along the bridge, you will be able to see sunbirds, doves, squirrels, lizards, and white-crested laughing thrushes. Apart from the signages that provide educational information on the various plants at the park, there is also a shelter for visitors to take a short break or to enjoy a scenic view of Normanton Park and the National Parks Board's plant nursery.

(Source: NPARKS)

The Kent Ridge Canopy Walk was opened in October 2003. The $1.3 million boardwalk is 2m wide and allows access to people n wheelchairs and parents with baby strollers.

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August 2010.

The above is an anaglyph image (3-D photo). You will need to use a cyan and red 3-D glasses to view.