Little India Walkabout
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Daily, best visit during day time.
The first walkabout will begin at Little India MRT station.

The second walkabout will begin at Farrer Park MRT station.

Little India Walkabout
Along Serangoon Road.

We present two walkabouts for Little India, Singapore:

The first walkabout will take you through Kandang Kerbau Hospital, Serangoon Road, Tekka Centre, Kerbau Road, Little India Arcade, Campbell Lane, Dunlop Street, Abdul Gaffoor Mosque, The Church of True Light, Kampong Kapor Methodist Church, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and much more.

The second walkabout will take you through Farrer Park MRT, Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Leong San Buddhist Temple, Mee Toh School, Mountain Gate, Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Syed Alwi Road, Mustafa Centre, Angullia Mosque and much more.

The first few Indian settlers in Singapore came with Sir Stamford Raffles in 1918. They resided mainly in the area near Chulia Street in Chinatown, which Raffles had originally designated for the Indian community.

In the early 19th century, Little India (today) was a plantation. The Chinese immigrants cultivated sireh or betel leaves, rice, vegetables and sugar cane in this area. Europeans were also attracted by a horse race course which took form in 1843. Soon, a cattle trading was introduced because of the fertile land near Rochor River, and the cattle provided milk and meat as food as well as labour in forms of powering simple machines. These activities which were mainly carried out by the Indians caused the main economic activity in the Rochor District to change.

As more and more Indian immigrants, from Calcutta, Madras and Malacca arrived for job prospects, the remaining few in the Chulia area left and settled in the Rochor District. They spread out on both sides of Serangoon Road which was one of the earliest roads to be built in Singapore after those in the city and Bukit Timah Road.

Today, Little India is the focal point of Singapore's Indian community, housing a myriad of shops selling items ranging from silverware to spices.

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Little India Walkabout 1
Little India Walkabout 2


January 2010.