Changi Point Walkabout
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Daily, daytime.
Take bus service 29 at Tampines Interchange and alight at the first bus stop along Netheravon Road.
Changi Point Walkabout
Along Netheravon Road.

Changi Point Walkabout will take you through Changi Market, Lotus at Joo Chiat, Kuan Im Tng Temple, Former Joo Chiat Maternal & Child Health Clinic, St. Hilda's Anglican Church, Former "Red House" Bakery, Former Joo Chiat Police Station, Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, Former Grand Hotel, Marine Parade Community Centre and much more.

The early Malay place name of Changi was Tanjong Rusa, which is found in the 1604 E.G. de Eredia map of Singapore.

During the early surveys in the 1820s to 1830s of Singapore island, Changi was also named Franklin Point after Captain Franklin who was involved as one of the early surveyors of Singapore island.

Around the 1900s, Changi was the favourite haunt for tigers. The female tigers were said to swim from Johore to Pulau Ubin to rest, before completing their journey to Singapore. The tigers would land at Ferry Point and give birth in this neighbourhood, and so the tigers on the island were generally young.

In 1926, plans were drawn up by the General Headquarters of the British Army to provide a base for the Royal Artillery batteries covering the eastern approaches to the Johore Straits.

Major General Sir Webb Gillman, R.A., was sent to do the first survey of the Changi Area in early 1927. The Changi Point area was mainly used for military barracks and administrative quarters for the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.) during this period.

Changi Village was also known as 14 1/2 milestone Changi Road. The area was developed to serve the British officers and families of the R.A.F. in Changi. British officers used to hag out at milk bars and restaurants like Europe Bar (Europa today) and Airfield restaurant (Airfield coffee shop today). Together with the recreational facilities such as R.A.F. Officers Swimming Club, Changi Yacht Club and Airmen's Swimming Pool, Changi was like a holiday resort. There used to be a Changi Cinema in Changi Village.

Download the Changi Point Walkabout walkabout guide here. The whole journey will take about 1 1/2 hours. Recommended not to travel alone. Do carry a water bottle as there is no drink kiosk along the way until you reach Changi Village.


January 2010.