Kent Ridge Park
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Bus 200, alight at South Buona Vista Road and proceed by foot via Vigilante Drive.

Bus 92, alight at the end of Science Park Drive.

Buses 10, 30, 51, 61, 143 and 176 to Pasir Panjang Road and proceed by foot via Pepys Road.

If you drive, carparks are available at the park.

Kent Ridge Park
Vigilante Drive off South Buona Vista Road. Access via Vigilante Drive, Science Park Drive and Pepys Road.

National Parks Board
Tel: 1800-471 7300 (Toll-free)

Kent Ridge Park, a 47-hectare public park located in southwest Singapore, also known as Pasir Panjang Battle Site. In mid-February 1942, a fierce two-day battle led by 2nd Lt. Adnan of the Malay Regiment against the Japanese troops took place here. It was one of the last battles for Singapore, and the ridge was given up only when the regiment bravely fought till its last few men.

The main characteristic of Kent Ridge Park is its lookout points. The park's highest point is Carpark B, at 61 metres above sea level and provides panoramic views of West Coast Park, Pulau Buran Darat, Pulau Bukom, and some southern offshore islands.

There is a natural pond measuring approximately 7,600 square metres is located on the eastern face of the park, towards the valley.

Kent Ridge Park was initially a lowland evergreen forest. Settlers in the early 19th century planted crops like rubber, pepper, gambier and pineapple on it, but many of the plantations were destroyed or abandoned during the Japanese Occupation.

Formerly known as Pasir Panjang Park, it was renamed Kent Ridge Park in honour of the Duchess of Kent and her son, the Duke of Kent, who visited the ridge in 1952. On 3rd October 1952, a plaque that commenmorates their visit and renames the park was erected at the junction of Kent Ridge Road and South Buona Vista Road.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, the National Heritage Board erected a plaque at Carpark B in February 1995.

As part of the Army's adoption of the park as The Army Green Park, two decommissioned M114 Artillery Guns and an AMX-13 Light Tank are displayed in the park.

The park has history and nature trails that visitors can take to learn about the park's history as a battleground and its rich diversity of flora and fauna.


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