Sembawang Park
At the end of Sembawang

The distinctive blue dice design found on the park furniture will greet visitors to Sembawang Park (三巴旺公园). Situated in the north of Singapore facing Johore straits. Sembawang area is named after the Sembawang Tree (Mesua ferruginea). This 15-ha beautiful park with undulating terrain and matured vegetation was developed on a piece of land formerly occupied by the British Forces. The park has interesting links to the naval history of Singapore; the Beaulieu House, the Sembawang jetty and the remains of the 1920s Seletar Pier still stand in the park, reflecting the past. The walkways inside the park are restored old pathways used during British occupation.

Tours: N.A.

History: Beaulieu House, originally the seaside house of a David family, who were in the mining business, is older even than the Naval Base. It was acquired by the colonial government when the Naval Base was planned, and was probably built around 1910. When work on the Naval Base, present day Sembawang Shipyard to the west of the park, commenced in around 1923/24, it housed the senior engineers and surveyors. When the Naval Base was up and running Beaulieu House was actually used from 1940 - 1942 as a residence by the most senior Naval Officer in Singapore and the Far East, Vice-Admiral Layton, Commander-in Chief, China Station.

Postwar, whilst still part of the Naval Base, it was normally the residence of a Senior Fleet Officer like the Chief of Staff, who would descend the steps and stand on the jetty to take the salute from the crew as ships passed in or out of the Naval Base.

After the Naval Base closed in 1971 Beaulieu House may have had various uses before it became a seafood restaurant in Sembawang Park. Beaulieu House was named after the former residence of the then Admiral Beaulieu.

Sembawang Jetty was constructed in front of Beaulieu House. It was started by the British in the final phases of Naval Base construction. They never had time to complete it, however, before the Japanese Invasion of Singapore in February 1942, it was actually completed by the Japanese.

Address: At the end of Sembawang Road. You may use S 758526 postal code for your GPS, this postal code is for the Boy's/Girl's Brigade Campsite which is located opposite Sembawang Park.

Bus stop number 58091: Services 882.

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station: Sembawang NS11 - proceed to Sembawang Bus Interchange, beside the Sembawang MRT Station, and take bus service 882.

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