Bukit Batok Nature Park
Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Lorong Sesuai


Bukit Batok Nature Park occupies about 36 hectares, covered mostly by natural secondary vegetation. The park is a former granite quarry and has undulating and meandering footpaths leading to scenic look-out points, some more than 10-storeys high.

Near the entrance of the park, at the foot of a high cliff wall is a picturesque 1.2 ha pond. The pond runs deep and still - a relic from the mining days of the region. There are also fitness stations, restroom, jogging track and nature trails.

During World War II, the Japanese selected the Lorong Sesuai site as a memorial for the soldiers who died. A memorial plaque lies at the foot of the transmission tower stairs to inform visitors of the significance and meaning of the location - Bukit Batok Memorial Site.

Tours: DIY e-Guide to Bukit Batok Nature Park by NParks.

History: Geologically, the core of Singapore comprises a granite complex called the Bukit Timah Granite. In more central parts of Singapore, including Bukit Batok and Bukit Timah, this granite was exposed during the last century by quarrying. Bukit Batok Nature Park was developed on an abandoned quarry site in 1988 and this feature has been preserved as a tranquil lake, providing a home to native wildlife.

Bukit Batok used to be a sleepy rural area with forest, farm lands and factories. Granite quarrying was among the early activities there since 1950s. In fact Bukit Batok in Malay means "Coughing Hills" as the blasting made the hills appear to be coughing.

At the top of Bukit Batok hill, which the MediaCorp's tower now stands, is the site of two memorials built by the Japanese for their war dead as well as for the Allied soldiers. Both were demolished by the Japanese. Today, all that remains are two pillars and 120 concrete steps leading up to the transmission tower.

Address: Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Lorong Sesuai.

Driving: You may use postal code 659918, this postal code is for Ch of St. Mary of the Angels, the park is located opposite this church.

Bus stop number 43201 (Opp Autobacs): Services 3N, 61, 66, 157, 174, 178, 852, 970 and 985.

Bus stop number 43209 (Autobacs): Services 61, 66, 157, 174, 178, 852, 970 and 985.

Bus stop number 43229 (Opp Blk 266) & 43221 (Blk 267): Services 970 and 985.

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station: Bukit Batok (NS2) - proceed to Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and take bus services 61 or 852.

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