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St. John's Island is an offshore island south of Singapore.
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  Mon to Fri: 10am & 2pm
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Rgular ferry services will be suspended during Kusu Pilgrimage Season
  Ferry: Adult $18, Child from $12

Situated approximately 6.5km south of Singapore, St. John's Island - a beautiful and serene island, is famous for having a penal settlement but today it is a perfect getaway spot to relax, a picnic on the sandy beach, swim by the lagoon and to get a glorious tan. Other facilities include picnic areas, trekking routes, holiday bungalow (from S$53.50 for 4 days) and cosy dormitories at the Holiday Camps (can take up to 60 persons, from S$64.20 per day) are managed by Sentosa. No food or drinks on sale on the island.

Tours: For a complete round southern island tour, you may also want to visit Lazarus Island (opposite of St. John Island, accessible by foot via a link from St. John's Island) and Kusu Island.

History: For many of Singapore's immigrants, St. John's Island (previously known as Pulau Sekijang Bendara) was the first place of disembarkation. Here, they were registered and screened for disease. Immigrants who were found to be carriers of tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc were quarantined on the island.

When the island ceased to be a screening centre, it became a colony for cholera patients. It has since also been used as a drug rehabilitation centre and a place of exile for political dissidents and ringleaders of secret societies.

Do you know that Sir Stamford Raffles, sailing on the Indiana actually anchored off this island on 28 February 1819 before taking a small ketch to get to the shores of Singapore the next day.

In recent times, the western end of the island hosts a $30 million Marine Aquaculture Centre. With effect from 21 November 2006, ferries departs from Marina South Pier instead. Ferry services will no longer run from Sentosa's ferry terminal.

Address: 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Marina South Pier, Singapore 018988.
(Sale of tickets at Marina South Pier, Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services Pte Ltd; or private hired boats service from Marina South Pier.)

Bus Stop Number 03419: Service 402 (Starts and ends at Shenton Way Bus Terminal, loop service.).

MRT Station: Marina South Pier (NS28) Under Construction, scheduled to open in the 4th Quartrer of 2014.

Information is correct as at 12 October 2014. Please visit the destination website for latest updates.