Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
51 Imbiah Road, Sentosa,
Singapore 099702

  9.30am to 7.00pm daily
(Last entry 6.30pm)
  Adult $16, Child $10

Located in Singapore's Sentosa Island, surrounded with lush tropical greenery, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom (蝴蝶园与昆虫王国) showcases the stunning beauties of a different variety of beautiful butterflies and interesting insects.

A must-see outdoor experience for children, tourists and nature lovers alike, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom has wowed visitors from all over the world. With the scents, sights and sounds of an authentic tropical rainforest, it's a multi-sensory, interactive experience that's guaranteed to engage you from start to finish.

(Source: www.jungle.com.sg)

Tours: Primary School Programme Science and Maths; School Package.

History: A butterfly is a type of insect. Butterflies are part of the class of Insects in the order Lepidoptera, which means "scaled wings". Moths are the evolutionary ancestors of butterflies, with a fossil record dating back million years ago. About 100 million years ago, some moths became active during the day and also developed brighter colors. These characteristics proved successful and butterflies were born. There are approximately 265,000 species of butterflies and moths. Only about 20,000 are butterflies.

Address: 51 Imbiah Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099702.

1. Board Sentosa Express from Vivo City Lobby L, Level 3 and alight at Imbiah Station.

2. Board Blue or Red Line Bus within Sentosa and alight at Imbiah Lookout.

Information is correct as at 21 September 2014. Please visit the destination website for latest updates.