Ee Hoe Hean Club (43 Bukit Pasoh Road) is one of the oldest millionaires' clubs in Singapore. Founded in 1895, it was a social and business club where like-minded Chinese businessmen networked and exchanged ideas. It was exempted from registration under the Societies Ordinance 1889 then, and functioned as a social and business club. Originally located on 28 Duxton Hill, it moved to 38 Club Street in 1911, before moving again to its present location at Bukit Pasoh Road in 1925. The members rented the three-storey high Ee Hoe Hean Club building before they bought the property on 30 December 1927.




A 3,000 strong Singapore Chinese Anti-Japanese Volunteer Battalion, formed on Christmas Day 1941 and named after its chief instructor and commander, Lieutenant Colonel John Dalley of the Federated Malay States police force. Dalforce was initiated by the Chung Kuo Mobilisation Council which was headed by Tan Kah Kee. Formed on 30 December 1941, the Council brought together both ends of the Chinese political spectrum, the Kuomintang and the Communists. The Chinese were determined to resist the Japanese invaders, having seen their mainland brothers fight the Japanese since the 1930s. The Council met daily attempting to maintain law and order, provide a supply of labourers to the British army and ensure the defence of Singapore. As the Japanese invasion was imminent, it became apparent that the recruitment of the local Chinese against the Japanese was essential, despite the fact that the majority of these Chinese were allied to the Communists. The British Government relented and on 25 December 1941, Dalforce was established.


The Singapore Sikh Education Foundation (SSEF) was inaugurated on the 30 December 1990 with the primary objective of providing mother tongue education to Sikh/Punjabi children living in the country.