On 22 December 1876, the Library and Museum moved from Town Hall to Raffles Institution. This new premises were twice the size of their former premises. They occupied the upper floor while the Committee the ground floor. With more space, the Library was able to classify and organise its collection by subject while the Museum was able to embark on its building up programme. While it was felt that the new premises would have sufficient space for both the Library and Museum for at least a few years, the building of a museum commensurate with the importance of Singapore as a collecting centre was being mooted by 1877. While the Library was able to thrive, it was soon realised that besides the increasing shortage of space for accommodation, the premises was found to be unsuitable for museum purposes. Enormous amounts of dust that are injurious to museum specimens permeated the whole area.



A regular airmail service between London and Singapore was inaugurated by Imperial Airways on 22 December 1933.



In 2008, the celebration of 50 years of structured social service marks an important milestone for the social service sector in Singapore. The sector has come a long way since the former Singapore Council of Social Service (SCSS), the precursor to the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), was formed on 22 December 1958 to coordinate and support the then unstructured social service sector. SCSS was then restructured into the NCSS in 1992.



The 1965 Constitution of the Republic of Singapore was adopted on 22 December¬†1965 shortly after Singapore’s separation from the Federation of Malaysia to become an independent and sovereign nation on 9 August.




Bugis MRT Station (Downtown Line) opened on 22 December 2013.