1854 marked the humble beginnings of Artillery in Singapore. It was contained within the newly formed Singapore Volunteer Rifle Corps (SVRC). The Singapore Volunteer Rifle Corps existed till 16 December 1887, when it was disbanded to facilitate the formation of the Singapore Volunteer Artillery (SVA) on 22 Feb 1888.


Funded by public subscriptions raised by participating Chinese clans and societies, Chingay processions were usually elaborate affairs in early Singapore, 19th century, sometimes causing the prices of foodstuffs to rise, and often disrupting traffic on the parade route. On 16 December 1906, at a large meeting of Hokkien Chinese led by clan leader Lee Cheng Yan, Chingay processions were denounced as a financially extravagant and culturally backward practice. A unanimous decision was taken to abolish Chingay processions, stop public subscriptions for such events, and use the funds saved for educational purposes instead. The decision was confirmed soon after at another large meeting, and other clans adopted similar resolutions, thus ending the practice of Chingay processions.



On 16 December 1941, second air raid on Singapore, at night. Only RAF Tengah is attacked.



Three stations on East West Line from Tanah Merah to Pasir Ris were opened, completing the Eastern section of the line. It was opened by Mah Bow Tan on 16 December 1989.




On 16 December 1996 the Riverside Secondary School welcomed Mrs. Lu Kheng Lui as the second Principal and in April 1997 Mr. Hoon Tien Ghun, their first Vice-Principal. Together with the staff, Mrs. Lu wrote the school's first vision statement and led the school in piloting the home-grown Interdisciplinary Project Work and the IT Master Plan Phase 2A.



Local icon Stefanie Sun on 16 December 2006 was presented with a unique orchid named after her during the opening ceremony of the Singapore Orchid Show 2006, graced by Guest of Honour Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development. Stefanie is the first local celebrity to receive this honour.