OnĀ 9 December 1959, a plaque was unveiled by the newly installed Yang di-Pertuan Negara, Yusof bin Ishak, at the site of the future National Theatre at Kallang Park. Engraved on the plaque in Malay and Chinese were the words: "This is the site for the proposed National Theatre to be built in commemoration of National Loyalty Week". Donations quickly poured into the National Theatre Fund, with contributions coming from people from all walks of life, through various donation drives, performances, and the "a-dollar-a-brick" campaign. As the majority of the fund-raising work was done by public-spirited persons and voluntary organisations and with contributions primarily from the general public, the theatre was dubbed the “People’s Theatre”. In April 1960, the government decided to move the site of the proposed National Theatre from Kallang Park to the King George V Park facing Clemenceau Avenue as the ground at the latter site was deemed firmer.


(Source: http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/history/events/90755dd9-1c83-4642-ba0b-4a0050d7ec94)



On 9 December 1983, Isetan Singapore made an investment of $20 million to open a store with a floor area of 4,767 meter square in the Parkway Parade Shopping Centre in Katong.



15 suspected militants of Jemaah Islamiah are arrested for alleged bomb plot on 9 December 2001.