When Sir Stamford Raffles was on his third and final visit to Singapore, he sought able men to help him build his town. Dissatisfied with the way in which Colonel Farquhar had haphazardly developed the Settlement, Raffles appointed Philip Jackson to remodel and rebuild Singapore according to Raffles' own plan. Raffles formed a Town Committee with Jackson assigned to assist this Committee. Jackson spent five years in Singapore as senior officer, executive engineer and Surveyor of Public Lands, helping to plan the infant town.
A draft lining out the streets was ready on 6 December 1822, and by February 1823, with the plan in definite shape covering proposals for Singapore's future progress, the reconstruction programme went full swing.




Sungei Buloh Nature Park was officially opened to the public on 6 December 1993. In 2002, it was renamed Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, and in 2003, the Wetland Reserve became Singapore's first ASEAN Heritage Park. Sungei means River, Buloh means Bamboo, in Malay.


On 6 December 2004, 1 PDF Command was drawn down and its units transferred to the Combined Arms Division to enhance its operational capability.


Underwater World Singapore launched three new attractions on 6 December 2006 — an interactive stingray feeding pool, a display of small marine reef species, and 'Fish Reflexology', Singapore's first fish reflexology spa, where two species of doctor fish gently nibble away at the dead skin on visitors' feet.