Masjid Al-Abrar was gazetted as a national monument on 29 November 1974.



The House of Tan Yeok Nee was gazetted as a national monument on 29 November 1974.



Bounded by Tanglin Road, Jervois road, Cable Road, Nathan Road and Grange Road, the Chatsworth Park Good Class Bungalow Area is one of the finest residential areas in Singapore. This conservation area consists of 27 conserved bungalows mainly of the Art Deco and ‘Black and White’ Bungalow styles. The bungalows were gazetted on 29 November 1991 for conservation. Only No. 2 Holt Road was gazetted on 3 October 1992 for conservation.



Wildlife Reserves Singapore has announced on 29 October 2012 that the River Safari's Giant Panda Forest will open on 29 November 2012, public can get to see giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia.



A Jubilee Walk which will cover 25 historic and iconic sites in and around the Republic's Civic District will be launched on 29 November 2015. The walk is essentially a 8km-long trail that will take participants to historical places such as the Padang, where the people of Singapore gathered to mark the end of the Japanese Occupation on Sept 12, 1945; the National Museum of Singapore, the country's first purpose-built museum; and the colourful Old Hill Street Police Station -the largest Government building when it was first built in 1934. The aim is to provide a commemorative trail that connects the past, present and future elements of the Singapore story during the country's golden jubilee. The trail will be launched together with the 5km SG50 Jubilee Big Walk, an event jointly presented by The New Paper and the People's Association.