The First Series of circulation coins was issued on 20 November 1967.


The first-ever visit to Singapore by a Catholic Pope was by John Paul II and took place on 20 November 1986. During his brief stop in Singapore, the Pope met the Singapore President and Prime Minister, and conducted mass at the National Stadium. The five-hour visit at the invitation of President Wee Kim Wee was part of the 66-year-old pontiff’s Asia-Pacific tour, which included visits to Bangladesh, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and the Seychelles.




The URA Centre was officially opened by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development on 20 November 1999.



Hopea sangal felled on 20 November 2002. The rare Hopea sangal was no more, also known as Chengal pasir, and possibly the Changi tree that gave the area its name. When the rare Chengal pasir (Hopea sangal) tree was felled on 20 November 2002, a volunteer group began working to ensure that the tree was not cut down in vain. By September 2003, the recovered logs were transformed into sculptures and an education programme conducted during the Sculpture Symposium. A subsequent appeal for sponsors saw the Wildlife Reserves of Singapore (WRS) step forward to transfer, exhibit, maintain the Hopea sangal sculpture.