Singapore Thoracic Society was inaugrated onĀ 11 November 1974. The aims of the Society is to advance the knowledge and practice of Thoracic Medicine; to promote research in Thoracic Medicine; to promote regional and international co-operation in Thoracic Medicine; to acquire and publish literature and scientific works in Thoracic Medicine; to organise clinical meetings, seminars, conventions and all such acts and things incidental or subsidiary to all or any of the above.


Singapore Changi Airport became the first airport outside Europe to welcome the Airbus A380 when the super jumbo double-decker aircraft arrived in Singapore at 1000 hours on 11 November 2005 for airport compatibility verification tests. Changi is also the first airport where the inaugural A380 commercial flight will take-off in 2006.




China offers a 10-year loan of two giant pandas to Singapore on 11 November 2009.