In Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles 4 November 1822 letter of instructions to the Town Committee, the area from the "Boat Quay south-west bank of the Singapore River" was designated a Chinese Campong (British spelling). This self-contained kampung or community settlement became the home of many Chinese immigrants, and a transit point for coolies going to Malaya. Visiting traders sought temporary accomodation here too. By 1824, there were 3,317 settlers, almost one-third of the total population. That kampung and Chinese centre grew, and became Chinatown.


Sir Andrew Clarke (Lieutenant-General) was the second Governor of the Straits Settlements, serving between 4 November 1873 to 7 May 1875. Sir Andrew Clarke was known for signing the famous Pangkor Treaty in 1874, which established British indirect rule over the Malayan States. Clarke Quay is named after him.


The Singapore Chess Federation was founded on 4 November 1961.



On 4 November 2013, Woodlands is the first MRT station to be awarded with the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark (Gold) and tenants of Woodlands Xchange have become the first shop owners in Singapore to be certified with the Project: Eco-Shop label.