The Singapore Buddhist Lodge was officially set up on 30 June 1934 but had a fixed address only in September 1934 when Lee Choon Seng donated a double storey house at 26 Blair Road for its use. He also contributed an additional S$1,000 for furniture and other expenses, a considerable sum at that time. At the point of setting up, the Lodge had only a small membership of over hundred but most of the members were from the Chinese social elite. On 31 July 1949, Lee invited representatives from all Chinese temples to the Singapore Buddhist Lodge to discuss the formation of an umbrella organisation. On 30 October 1949, the Singapore Buddhist Federation was officially registered with 5 guiding principles as follow: (i) To promote world peace; (ii) To promote the Dharma; (iii) To expand Buddhist education; (iv) To carry welfare services; (v) To raise the quality of the Sangha members.




Mr Edmund William Barker was the Minister for Home Affairs starting on 16 September 1972 and end of term was on 30 October 1972. Barker practised law in Singapore from 1952 to 1964 at the law firms Braddell Brothers and Lee & Lee. He was persuaded to enter politics in 1963 by Lee Kuan Yew. E.W. Barker is best remembered for being independent Singapore's first law minister. One of the many roles Barker held included being the first President of the Singapore National Olympic Council (1970-1990).


Singapore’s another encounter with plane hijacking was on 30 October 1977, involving a Vietnam Airline aircraft, which was on a domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Phuquoc Island. The pilot of the aircraft was forced to land in Singapore after a refuelling stopover at U-Tapao Airbase, 130 km southeast of Bangkok, Thailand. The aircraft eventually landed at Seletar Airport, where the hijackers surrendered to the Singapore authorities after negotiation.