On 22 October 1948, Dr G. V. Allen, the principal of the Medical College then, unveiled a War Memorial Plaque, In Memoriam, in the presence of the governor of Singapore, Sir Franklin Gimson. The plaque, inscribed with the names of ten men and a woman, is dedicated to the eleven slain students and was hung in Harrower Hall. Built in 1931, Harrower Hall (now the Orthopaedic Surgery Department) was first home to the students' lounge of the Medical School. Over the years, the memorial plaque moved twice before finally resting in the foyer of the College of Medicine Building, close to the burial grounds of the slain students.




The Monetary Authority of Singapore Bill was then passed (Parliamentary Debates: Official Reports, 2 September 1970, Vol. 30, col. 216). On 22 October 1970, the Bill became an Act of Parliament after President Yusof bin Ishak assented to it (Government Gazette. Acts Supplement, 22 October 1970, Act 42 of 1970, p. 453). On 26 December 1970, the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act went into force and the MAS commenced operations on 1 January 1971 (Government Gazette. Subsidiary Legislation Supplement, 24 December 1970, Sp.S 341/1970, pp.1301-1302).



The origins of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) are derived from a forecast by city planners in 1967 which stated the need for a rail-based urban transport system by 1992. Following a debate on whether a bus-only system would be more cost-effective, the Parliament came to the conclusion that an all-bus system would be inadequate, since it would have to compete for road space in a land-scarce country. The initial S$5 billion construction of the Mass Rapid Transit network was Singapore's largest public works project at the time, starting on 22 October 1983 at Shan Road. The network was built in stages, with the North South Line given priority because it passed through the Central Area that has a high demand for public transport. The Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC), later renamed as SMRT Corporation — was established on 14 October 1983; it took over the roles and responsibilities of the former provisional Mass Rapid Transit Authority. On 7 November 1987, the first section of the North South Line started operations, consisting of five stations over six kilometres. Fifteen more stations were opened later, and the MRT system was officially launched on 12 March 1988 by Lee Kuan Yew, then Prime Minister of Singapore. Another 21 stations were subsequently added to the system; the opening of Boon Lay Station on the East West Line on 6 July 1990 marked the completion of the system two years ahead of schedule.



Located at 155 Middle Road, Sculpture Square was a venue in Singapore dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of three-dimensional art. The inaugural exhibition held at Sculpture Square following its official opening on 22 October 1999 was entitled Provocative Things: A Three Dimensional Experience in Singapore, where works by 16 local artists were shown.