Bedok Methodist Church was born on 21 October 1946 when a dozen members of the Geylang Straits Methodist Church, headed by Rev. Chew Hock Hin, held their first gospel service in an attap house chapel at Padang Terbakar. Thereafter, the gospel works began to function in the charge of Mr Chan Wah Teck, a local preacher who pastored the church for 36 years until 1982 when he officially stepped down. He continued to assist in shepherding the 5 pm congregation until his retirement.



The Singapore Glass Manufacturers Co. Ltd. was the sole manufacturer of glass containers in Singapore. Its factory, popularly known as the Singapore Glass Factory, stood on Henderson Road, and was a famous landmark in Bukit Merah for many years, from the late 1940s to the 1970s, before the development of Henderson Industrial Estate. The factory, with a workforce of more than 1,000, provided much needed employment to residents in the surrounding areas including Bukit Merah. However, relations between the Company and its employees had been strained due to several issues such as retrenchment of workers. This culminated in a strike on 28 August 1960 that lasted 73 days before it was settled, and workers returned in batches to the factory on 9 November. The strike was marked by a number of incidents. One of these incidents happened on the afternoon of 21 October 1960, the strikers formed a human chain to prevent a lorry carrying machinery from leaving the factory.  The police failed to persuade the strikers to disperse, and a scuffle broke out.  Four policemen were injured, and 39 strikers including eight women were arrested.  At the lockup of Tanjong Pagar Police Station, the rebellious strikers created a scene by stomping on their bedsteads, singing, clapping, and shouting.  They were subsequently charged under the Trade Disputes Ordinance. 



Yuhua CC located at 90 Boon Lay Way, Singapore (609958), official opening was on 21 October 1989. It was officially opened by Mr Ong Teng Cheong - Second Deputy Prime Minister.




The Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, better known as the Chettiars' Temple or the Tank Road temple, is one of the Singapore Hindu community's most important monuments. It was gazetted as a national monument on 21 October 2014. It was built in 1859 by Nattukkottai Chettiar community.