The first Basic Airborne Course conducted for NSFs was completed on 19 October 1974. A silver wing was given to every graduate of the course. This wing, a design sanctioned by LTC (Ret’d) Clarence Tan, is made up of a pair of spread wings on both wigs of a deployed parachute. To differentiate a Commando from other wearers of the wing, Commando graduates wear a crimson velvet backing to denote their elite status. This course comprises of a total of 7 jumps, of which 5 are held in the day and 2 at night, and only Commandos jump on a regular basis.




On 31 May 1970, the Toa Payoh Mosque Building Committee was formed. Among the fundraising efforts the committee undertook were house-to-house fundraising and food sales, and they managed to raise more than half of the Masjid Muhajirin’s eventual cost of nearly S$900,000. Construction of the Masjid Muhajirin began on 19 October 1975 and the mosque was opened by Minister for Social Affairs Othman Wok one and a half years later on 8 April 1977. The original mosque featured an onion-shaped dome of the Persian-Indian architectural style atop its minaret, and also bore influences from traditional Minangkabau design.





On 1 October 1935, United Chinese Bank (UCB) opened for business in the three story Bonham Building. In 1965, UCB changed its name to United Overseas Bank (UOB). To meet the Bank’s expansion needs, Bonham Building was knocked down for a larger building in its place. On 19 October 1974, the 30-storey UOB building was officially opened.



Sengkang Punggol Football Club (previously known as Marine Castle United Football Club and Sengkang Marine FC) was formed in 1981 by residents of Marine Parade with the basic aim of playing 7-a-side tournaments which was then very popular. The name of the club came about when Newcastle United of England visited Singapore in 1981. The club was registered with the ROS on the 19 October 1981. In 1982, the club drew up a four year youth development programme from which it hoped to produce its players from 1986 onwards.