The Horsburgh Lighthouse, which is located on Pedra Branca, started daily operations on 15 October 1851 (Wednesday). Horsburgh Lighthouse was named after James Horsburgh, the Hydrographer of the East India Company from 1810 to 1836. John Turnbull Thomson was the architect, engineer and surveyor of the entire project.



On 15 October 1945, the first day of registration at Sin Min High School, the villagers were overjoyed. On the first week, there were 620 students registered for the school. The villagers were overjoyed as since the end of the Japanese Occupation, there was an island-wide lack of schools which made school fees too expensive for the villagers to enroll their children in. With the opening of Sin Min High School, the Chinese children were finally able to have education at affordable school fees.



Singapore Chinese Orchestra building was opened by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the Prime Minister of Singapore on 15 October 1965.



The admission of Singapore as the 22nd member of the Commonwealth on 15 October 1965.




The Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Building was officially declared open by Mr S Dhanabalan, then-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for National Development, on 15 October 1987.



The Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium opened in Resorts World Sentosa on 15 October 2011.