Dunman High School (formerly known as Dunman Government Chinese Middle School) was born out of political necessity on 14 October 1956. The pioneer batch of students consisted of about 100 boys with a teaching staff of about 10.



Soft cover international passports were introduced on 14 June 1971 for easier handling. They came with perforated control numbers on the covers. Restricted passports followed a similar route almost simultaneously.



A wall plaque records that Siong Lim Temple, gazetted on 14 October 1980, was established during the reign of Emperor Kuang Hsu in the year 1904. The actual year of the temple’s completion was 1908. Two Hokkien merchants, Low Kim Pong and Yeo Poon Seng were the main donors to its construction, giving half a million dollars between them.




In May 1982, the Government gave the go-ahead and work on the construction of the MRT began. The S$5 billion project was targeted to be completed in 1992. The 67 km-long route would boast 42 stations, of which 27 would be above ground and 15 under ground. The north-south line was implemented first as more people need to be ferried across the busy Orchard corridor and the Central Business District. On 14 October 1983, the MRT Corporation was established and took over the roles and responsibilities of the former Provisional Mass Rapid Transit Authority.



Jurong Island was officially declared opened by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong on 14 October 2000. The opening marks the completion of a plan by the government to develop Jurong Island into a premier hub for the chemical industry in the Asia Pacific. So far, the island has attracted S$21 billion in investments from 61 companies that plan to capitalise on the optimal concentration of the fully integrated petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries there.