Olivia Mariamne Raffles was Raffles' first wife. Rumours surrounded this marriage, claiming she was the mistress of Raffles' superior, William Ramsey. In return for marrying her, Raffles was paid-off with a raise and the coveted post in Penang. Wurtzburg discounts this rumour, highlighting Raffles' letter to Rev. Thomas Raffles, dating 13 October 1819, which specifically notes that, "My first wife was in no manner connected with Mr Ramsey...It gave me no connexions, no wealth but on the contrary a load of debt..(but) it gave me domestic enjoyment and thus contributed to my happiness." Furthermore, Wurtzburg argues that should Olivia have been Ramsey's mistress it would be unlikely that she would have been allowed to apply for a widow's pension through his department nor that Raffles friendship would have continued to be intimate not only with Ramsey but also Ramsey's son after such a marriage.

The Singapore Planning and Urban Research Group (SPUR) was formed around 1964–1965 to discuss issues related to the physical planning and development of Singapore at the time. SPUR registered as a society on 13 October 1966.


The Rice Table Indonesian restaurant was opened on 13 October 1997 at International Building.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on 13 October 2010 launched the 2010 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set. This is the final set of coins in the series issued in tribute to the Heritage Orchids of Singapore. Orchids are a significant feature of Singapore’s heritage and the orchid coin series have proven to be very popular with coin collectors.



Singaporeans shared how they would like their future to be shaped in the first 'Our Singapore Conversation' session on 13 October 2012.