Raffles returned to Singapore on 10 October 1822, three years later. He found a partner who shared his passion for botany, Dr. Nathaniel Wallich. Wallich was a Dane by birth and travelled tremendously in Asia and wrote numerous publications on plants. He proposed to Raffles in letter dated 2 November 1822 to establish a "Botanic and Experimental Garden"..."in the neighbourhood of the European Town". In agreement, Raffles asked Wallich to choose a suitable site, which might include the Government Garden on the slopes Fort Canning where the nutmeg and clove trees had already been planted in 1819. By 20 Novemeber 1822, the proposal has bloomed into the first Botanic Garden occupying 48 acres of land dedicated to the cultivation of tropical spices and produce, the laboratory of possible large-scale spice ventures in Singapore. The site of the garden "extended from the Masonic Hall, past the old Fort Canning Cemetery, to the neighbourhood Y.M.C.A. building, thence to Dhoby ghaut, along Bras Basah Road to the Roman Catholic Cathedral, recurving by Vicotria Street and Hill Street to Armenian Church and the Masonic Hall.

On 10 October 1919, Singapore was informed of the identity of its new governor, Laurence Nunns Guillemard, via telegram from London. Guillemard arrived on 3 February the following year to assume his post, taking over the leadership of the Straits Settlements and Malaya from Arthur Henderson Young who had retired in August 1919.


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On 10 October 1943, the Japanese Kempeitai, or secret police, arrested more than 130 locals in Singapore - the Double Tenth incident. This was carried out after seven Japanese ships were sunk in Keppel Harbour. The Japanese soldiers suspected that the sabotage was an inside job.


Operation Rimau was an Allied operation undertaken by commandos of Z Special Unit during WWII. Its mission was similar to Operation Jaywick that was carried out successfully a year before in September 1943. The new operation was tasked to destroy Japanese shipping in the Singapore Harbour by commandos attaching limpet mines to enemy ships. The attack was scheduled for the night of 10 October 1944. However, unfortunately the operation did not meet with the same success as Jaywick.



Coney Island is also known as Pulau Serangoon. After years of gestation and a 15-month construction, Coney Island Park, which spans 50 ha, was officially opened on 10 October 2015.