The building and construction of Mujahidin Mosque started in the early 1970s. Mujahidin Mosque was the second satellite mosque to be built financed by the Mosque Building Fund (MBF). The whole construction was completed by 9 October 1977. Funds collected for the building of the mosque was recorded at $225,000.00.

The Singapore Airlines Flying Club was officially launched at a ceremony held in the SIA hangar at Singapore Changi Airport on 9 October 1987 by the then Managing Director of Singapore Airlines, Dr Cheong Choong Kong.

MAGAZINE ROAD CONSERVATION AREA, bounded by Magazine Road, Solomon Street, Cumming Street, Angus Street and Fisher Street, the area was given conservation status on 9 October 1992. It contains two- and three-storey shophouses mainly of the Early and Art Deco Styles and warehouses.


Built by Swan and Maclaren in 1936, it was then the tallest building in Chinatown and was known as Nam Tin Building, owned by Lum Chang Holdings. The building housed the six-storey Great Southern Hotel (the first Chinese hotel with a lift), along with a few shops and cabarets that were popular among Chinese travellers. In 1994, Lum Chang Holdings sold the building to Hong Kong businessman Yu Kwok Chun, who converted it to the first Yue Hwa Chinese Products department store in Singapore, and was renamed Yue Hwa Building. The department store was opened on 9 October 1996.


The Compulsory Education Act to make primary school education compulsory for all children in Singapore was passed by Parliament on 9 October 2000 and came into effect on 1 January 2003.