After a local Chinese-language newspaper paused publication in 1898, Lim Boon Keng and his father-in-law Wong Nai Siong took over its publication. They renamed the paper Jit Shin Pau and turned it into a mouthpiece of the reformists. The inaugural issue of Jit Shin Pau was published on 5 October 1899. The paper championed social reforms among the Chinese like queue cutting and banning of opium smoking. It ceased publication in 1901 due to economic reasons.

First airmail was despatched from Singapore on 5 October 1928. It was sent by sea to Marseilles and thence to London by air.


The Singapore Golf Association was registered on 5 October 1961 by three gentlemen, Mr JW Stogdon, then the President of the Royal Singapore Golf Club, Mr CY Koh and Mr Joseph Quah, with the objective of encouraging and promoting the game of golf in Singapore.

The Grassroots Heritage Centre was set up by National Community Leadership Institute of the People's Association's (PA), and officially opened on 4th October 2003. The Grassroots Heritage Centre, along with the cluster of buildings surrounding the NACLI Central, was once the Buona Vista Community Centre built by the British colonial authorities in the 1950s. The buildings were later converted into a regional maternity and dental clinic complete with quarters to house its nurses. The area was further redeveloped and on 5 October 1964, the Buona Vista Youth Leadership Training Centre was officially opened by Dr Goh Keng Swee, Singapore's former Deputy Prime Minister and then Minister for Finance and Deputy Chairman of the People's Association. Since then, throughout the history of this Institute the building has been used as a lecture hall before being converted into the Grassroots Heritage Centre in October 2003.

In response to the committee’s recommendations, the Singapore Business Federation Act was passed into law on 5 October 2001 and the SBF was formed on 1 April 2002. All companies with a paid-up capital of at least S$500,000 are required to become members of the SBF. The SBF is managed by a council, with a government-appointed board of trustees in place to protect its assets and ensure that it does not deviate from its mission.