Horse racing was introduced in Singapore and Malaya by the British in 1802. On 4 October 1842, the first racing club to be established was the Singapore Sporting Club by Scottish merchant William Henry Macleod Read, later to be renamed the Singapore Turf Club in 1924.


On 4 October 1938, rickshaw coolies struck to obtain lower rates of hire from owners. A settlement was not reached until 15 November; it was the longest, most bitterly fought, and the last strike of the rickshawment. They were paying 20 cents to the owners, referred to as 'profiteering proprietors', for half a day, from 6 am to 2 pm, or 2 pm to 6 am. Unauthoritative reports had been made in the press that the owners intended to raise the half-day rate per rickshaw.

Helicopters have played a big part in RSAF operations since 1969 when the first of the Alouette III helicopters landed at Seletar Airbase on 30 September that year. In fact, the Alouette Squadron (later renamed 120 Squadron) was the first operational unit in the RSAF (then known as the Singapore Air Defence Command). Since the d├ębut of the humble Alouette, the RSAF has gone on to expand its helicopter capabilities. Among the helicopters introduced into service were the Super Pumas, first formed in Feb 1985 and officially inaugurated on 4 October 1985.