St Gabriel's Primary is a government-aided Catholic school run by the Brothers of St Gabriel. St Gabriel's School opened its doors on 3 June 1953 to its first intake of 212 pupils who attended classes ranging from Primary One to Standard Two under the supervision of Rev Bro Louis Gonzaga and seven pioneer teachers. The school was then located at the junction of Hillside Drive and Upper Serangoon Road. When the enrolment of the school rose to over two thousand pupils in the 1960s, it became necessary to provide more space and facilities for the pupils. A project to build a separate primary school was launched. On 2 January 1969, the whole of the primary section of St Gabriel's School comprising 31 classes with an enrolment of 1350 pupils moved into the new building at the junction of Highland Road and Yio Chu Kang Road. On 2 January 1988, the 31 classes of 1350 pupils of the school moved to its present premises in Lorong Chuan. The official opening celebration of the school was held on 29 September 1989.



Hasanah Mosque was built by Jurong Town Corporation at the present location in 1971 in replace of several mosques and surau that were acquired from 9 Southern Islands by Singapore Government for the Industrialization and Economic development. In 1987, Hasanah Mosque Management Board with the support of the Muslim Community in Teban and Pandan Gardens appeal to MUIS to rebuilt this mosque which look archaic compared to the extensive development of Housing Development Board Flats around the vicinity of the mosque. MUIS could not support the application because the Mosque Building Fund (MBF) were meant for the development of new mosques only. An appeal was then made to the Minister-in -charge of Muslim Affairs and with the grace of Allah on 16 April 1988 permission was granted by the Minister for Community Development on condition that MMB have to raise the fund for the project. On 29 September 1989, after raising S$1,400,000.00 the first foundation was laid denoting the commencement of the rebuilding project.



Singapore's first liver transplant was successfully performed on Surinder Kaur, a 25-year-old female production worker, on 29 September 1990, by a team of doctors from the National University Hospital. The team of four surgeons and two anaesthetists was led by Susan Lim (Dr), who was the second woman doctor in the world to perform a liver transplant.




Express 521 bus was introduced on 1 September 1999 plying between Bukit Panjang and World Trade Center (now HarbourFront). On 29 September 2002 it downgraded to trunk service and renumbered Service 963, route extended to Woodlands - HarbourFront Int.