Governer William J. Butterworth, officials and invited guests witnessed the first illumination of the Horsburgh Lighthouse lantern on 27 September 1851.



Freemason Hall Singapore - A land grant made on 27 September 1878 for space in Coleman Street was issued in favour of R. W. Bro. William Henry Macleod Read, District Grand Master, and his successors in office for the use of Masons under the United Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of England. There was an express condition that a building to be used as a Lodge should be erected within two years of the issue of the grant.



On 27 September 1943, a daring commando raid, code-named Operation Jaywick, led by Captain Lyon resulted in the blowing up of 6 Japanese oil tankers in the Singapore Harbour. The Japanese authorities received information from the Johore Branch of the Kempeitai that foreign internees in Changi Gaol had transmitted news to the raiding party. Lieutenant Colonel (then Major) Sumida Haruzo, Chief of the Kempeitai received orders to investigate the Changi camp and arrest persons suspected of sabotage. (Source:



In the 1950s strikes and other forms of labour unrest were common. 1955 was a particularly bad year with 57 cases of labour unrest involving bus workers including the infamous Hock Lee Bus Strike. Another bus strike the Great Singapore Traction Co. Strike also commenced that year on 27 September 1955. It lasted 142 days into the following year making it till then the longest strike in post-war Singapore. For about a month, workers in other public bus companies also joined in, resulting in the public bus transport system here being paralysed. (Source:



Wee Chong Jin (b. 28 September 1917, Georgetown, Penang - d. 5 June 2005) was the first Singaporean and Asian to head Singapore's Supreme Court Judiciary when he was appointed Chief Justice in 1963. As Chief Justice, until he retired on 27 September 1990, he held the record for being the longest serving Chief Justice in the Commonwealth. A man of many achievements, he was conferred the honorary doctorate in civil law from Oxford University in 1987. (Source:




The Army Museum of Singapore, $8.8 million three-storey museum, official opening ceremony was on the 27 September 2007.