The first post-war Census of Singapore took place on 24 September 1947. The census showed that 56 percent of the population was born in Singapore and that there were 1,217 males for every 1,000 females.


Katong Park is one of the oldest parks in Singapore. Built in the 1930s' Katong Park with its sea frontage was a favourite with families for Sunday picnics. Many learnt to swim in the sea here. A pagar (fence) was built to create a safer swimming bay. The park lost its sea frontage in 1966 due to land reclamation. On 24 September 1953, a bomb exploded here. It marked the beginning of Kronfrontasi (Confrontation) when Indonesia, led by Sukarno, opposed the formation of Malaysia which, until 1965, included Singapore. The explosion broke the windows of then Ambassador Hotel across the road. Within two weeks, two more bombs went off here. There were no casualties in all three incidents.



Toa Payoh Swimming Complex opened to the public on 24 September 1973, it is used extensively for elite training such as water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming and diving. Various swimming lessons are conducted there as well.



On 24 September 1975, after 150 years of British naval presence in Singapore, the last British warship, HMS Mermaid, left the Sembawang Naval Basin.




A new national movement which aims to prepare the public in the event of a terrorist attach was officially launched on Saturday, 24 September 2016 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.