On 18 September 1933, Victoria Bridge School moved to Tyrwhitt Road and the school came to be known as Victoria School. School sports activities were given a boost. In the years 1939 and 1940, the school won the Sir Arthur Young Cup in the Inter-School relay event.


The Singapore branch of Bank Negara Malaysia is the second to be set up by Bank Negara Malaysia since its establishment in Kuala Lumpur in January, 1959, the first branch being opened in March, 1961, in Penang. A unit of the Bank with limited banking facilities has been operating in Singapore since 18 September 1963, thr first working day after Malaysia Day, for the purpose of servicing the financial arrangements between the Central Government and the State Government of Singapore under the provisions of the Malaysia Agreement.



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On 18 September 1980, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation Ltd (SNCF) was established as the apex organisation for the local Movement.