The construction of the Johor-Singapore causeway began in 1919, and it was opened to goods trains on 17 September 1923 and to passenger trains on 1 October 1923. Previously, passengers and goods were transferred at Woodlands to a ferry to Johor Bahru and the connecting train on the peninsula. Tanjong Pagar railway station was completed on 3 May 1932 and officially opened by Sir Cecil Clementi. It was in operation for around 79 years before it ceased operations on 1 July 2011 to be reserved as the Singapore Railway Museum.



Lim Chin Siong co-founded the People’s Action Party (PAP) in 1954 with Lee Kuan Yew. His popularity rose rapidly and he became the leader of Chinese workers, trade unions and Chinese middle school students in the 1950s. He was slim, youthful, dedicated, and had a handsome boyish face. His oratory as a speaker in the Hokkien dialect, among the Chinese masses was legendary. In his political memoir The Singapore Story, Lee Kuan Yew offered deserved praise to Lim’s “hypnotic” oratory: “…a ringing voice that flowed beautifully in his native Hokkien. The girls adored him, especially those in the trade unions. Once he got going after a cold start at the first two meetings, there was tremendous applause every time he spoke. By the end of the campaign, Lim Chin Siong was seen as a charismatic figure and a person to be reckoned with in Singapore politics and, what was of more immediate concern, within the PAP.” At the young age of 22, he was elected into the legislative assembly as a member for Bukit Timah in 1955 and together with Lee, represented the PAP in the 1956 constitutional talks in London. Lim later exited the Lee-led PAP which was trying to eliminate its own left-wing sections. He then formed the Barisan Sosialis in 17 September 1961. After Singapore’s referendum affirming merger with Malaysia, Lim Chin Siong and many opposition party members were detained under the Internal Security Act by the ruling PAP government via the notorious Operation Coldstore on 2 February 1963.


The Haemophilia Society of Singapore was first formed and registered on 25 June 1985. It was started by a group consisting of people with haemophilia, parents, health care providers and some interested professionals. It obtained its approval from the Commissioner of Charities on 17 September 1986. The society is an affiliated member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and a member of the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH).



In the latest poll conducted among business travellers in the United Kingdom and Europe, Singapore Changi Airport is lauded the 'Best Airport in the World' for 20 consecutive years. Changi Airport has held this title since 1988, making it the longest reigning champion in the history of this survey. Business Traveller (United Kingdom/Europe) magazine, which conducted the annual readers' poll, presented the award to Changi at a ceremony in London on 17 September 2007.