Mount Emily swimming pool was a municipal reservoir before the decision was made on 11 September 1929 for the Public Works Department to convert it into a pool. It was one of the two service reservoirs constructed in the 1880s along Upper Wilkie Road to supply the town with fresh water. In 1929, a larger storage reservoir at Fort Canning was opened and those at Mount Emily were adapted to different uses. While one became a swimming pool, the other was used to store water for town cleansing and drain flushing. It became outdated eventually and was demolished in 1983 to make way for a public park.



Gedung Kuning (the Yellow Mansion) is synonymous with Haji Yusoff 'Tali Pinggang'. This is because Haji Yusoff was the owner of the mansion (formerly called Rumah Bendahara) from 1912 until it was acquired by the Singapore government. On 11 September 1999, Gedung Kuning was acquired under the Land Acquisition Act and now belonged to the Singapore Government. The beneficiaries who were staying in Gedung Kuning had to leave the mansion.




The Bukit Merah Polyclinic will re-open on 11 September 2000. The clinic was closed on 2 May 2000 for a period of about five months to undergo major renovations and upgrading of facilities. With the renovations, the polyclinic's physical environment and facilities have improved significantly.