Mr Gan Eng Seng came to Singapore after his father's death when he was sixteen and went into the nutmeg business. Later on, he was taken on as an apprentice by Messrs. Guthrie and Company. He married his first wife, Koh Chwee Neo at the age of eighteen and he adopted his first son. After a year, he was promoted to the post of Assistant storekeeper and then Chief storekeeper of the company and for 25 years, he was the Chief Compradore of the company. He died on the 9 September 1899 at the young age of 55 at his house which was then known as No. 87 Amoy Street.



Gopal Baratham (Dr) was born on 9 September 1935. He is a prominent neurosurgeon and distinguished author of three novels, five volumes of short stories and a non-fiction book, was considered a literary light during his lifetime. His first book, the political thriller, A Candle or The Sun, won the Southeast Asia Write Award in 1991 and was short-listed for the Commonwealth Book Prize in 1992. One of the first Singapore writers to have their work published by a British publisher, he received international praise for his fictional writings that are based on Singapore society.




CapitaLand's new office development in the Central Business District, CapitaGreen, officially opened on Wednesday, 9 September 2015.