The first record of tigers is found in the first newspaper in Singapore, the Singapore Chronicle, dated 8 September 1831. There it was reported that a Chinaman was killed by a tiger and that probably the same tiger killed a native shortly after that. Singapore then was still covered by thick virgin jungle and it was home to pigs and deer which were food to tigers. The island formed part of a larger hunting ground for these tigers. Being good swimmers, tigers had been known to swim cross the Straits of Johore into Singapore.



As a result of Rev Humphreys' sermon on Whitsunday 1856, a group of laymen formed themselves into a committee for the spreading of the Gospel in the then 37-year old Singapore. They recruited a missionary and this resulted in the arrival of te Rev Edward Sherman Venn in 1861. At that time the private institution at Chin Chew Street was not affiliated to the Anglican Church. The connection took place only on 8 September 1862 when the Anglican Church, because of the work and influence of Rev Venn, adopted it. Thus, St Andrew's School was founded on 8 September 1862.


Harrod, Leonard Montague (a.k.a. L. M. Harrod) was the Raffles Library's (later known as the National Library) first fully qualified permanent librarian. He was specially recruited and appointed as Librarian on 8 September 1954 and then Director from January 1955 to December 1959. Harrod contributed greatly to the development of the library system, planning and progress of the Raffles Library. He was formerly the Chief Librarian and Curator of Islington Public Libraries and was the pioneer of Singapore's new public library.


Opened on 8 September 1955 in River Valley Road, the Van Kleef Aquarium was named after a former Dutch resident, Mr K W B Van Kleef, who bequeathed his estate to Singapore in a will dated 7 July 1900. The Municipal Commission made plans to build the aquarium in 1933, but these were put on hold when the war broke out and only resumed in the 1950s.


On 8 September 1960, Tan Howe Liang became Singapore's first Olympic medalist when he finished second among 35 competitors in the lightweight category in weightlifting at the 1960 games held in Rome, Italy. In the course of over 10 hours of gruelling contest, Tan lifted a total of 380 kg and earned himself the silver medal, as well as a new Olympic record achieved for the clean and jerk by lifting 155 kg. He was outdone only by Victor Bushuev of Russia, who lifted a total of 397.85 kg to clinch the gold medal.


The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is a political party that was formed on 6 August 1980, officially registered on 8 September 1980 and inaugurated on 12 September. Engineer Fok Tai Loy and lawyer Chiam See Tong were the founding chairman and secretary-general respectively.


Bugis Junction, opened on 8 September 1995, is managed by a Japanese company, Parco. The old shophouses on Malabar Street, Malay Street and Hylam Street were rebuilt and weatherproofed, and the streets covered with transparent glass domes to make them part of a shopping mall. The whole unit was incorporated into an existing pedestrian shopping mall on Bugis Street which is connected to Bugis MRT by an underpass. Bugis Junction features a hotel, a 15-storey office tower, food outlets, departmental stores and an umpteen number of shops selling all and sundry.



Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaking at a People's Action Party (PAP) lunchtime rally held at the Promenade area beside UOB Plaza on 8 September 2015.