A Fire Committee was formed on 20 December 1855 but the first fire brigade was not established until 10 April 1869. Prior to this, fires were attended to by uniformed groups which included the police, sepoys, marine soldiers and even convicts. On 7 September 1869, the Governor Major-General Sir Harry St. George enacted the Fire Ordinance and appointed the Colonial Engineer as Chairman or President of the Fire Commission for Singapore. The first members of this voluntary Fire Brigade included notable estate owners such as W. H. Read, Thomas Scott, R. Macpherson, W. Maxwell and C. Dunlop. Poor organisation under difficult circumstances racked the voluntary Fire Brigade until its demise in 1884. In 1888, the Singapore Fire Brigade was established and with sufficient funding, gained recognition as a fully equipped professional brigade.



The Singapore Malay Guru's Co-operative Thrifts & Loan Society Limited was registered on 7 September 1931 with an assets of S $15,000.00.



On 7 September 1967, Singapore established formal diplomatic relations with Indonesia. It came about a year after Indonesia had officially recognised the sovereignty of Singapore and ended its policy of Konfrontasi (or Confrontation, 1963–1966) with Malaysia. Following Indonesia’s recognition of Singapore as an independent nation in June 1966, Jakarta offered an exchange of diplomatic representatives. However, Singapore requested to put the exchange off until Indonesia and Malaysia had resumed diplomatic ties. Nonetheless, Singapore proceeded to set up a liaison office in Jakarta in December 1966. The office, which was headed by former First Secretary to the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur Ridzwan Dzafir, was tasked to handle trade matters between Singapore and Indonesia.


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