On 30 August 1942, all the prisoners were forced to sign a 'no escape' pledge. When they refused, they were made to go without food and shelter for three days. Their own senior officers ordered them to sign the pledge on the understanding it was done under duress.



On 30 August 1945, First Allied troops are parachuted into Singapore.



The Singapore Indian Education Trust was established in the midst of tumultuous economic change amongst the local Indians, brought on by the separation of Singapore from Malaya, and the imminent withdrawal of British forces on whom the Indian community heavily depended for employment. Realising the importance of education for the Indian community's future success, activist Govindasamy Kandasamy gathered 12 volunteers to assist in setting up a scholarship fund. The inaugural meeting at the Singapore Indian Association on 30 August 1966 included K. R. Chandra, later Permanent Secretary, and M. Bala Subramanion, Director of Postal Services and T. Selvaganapathy. It was initially known as the Indian Scholarship Trust Fund with Kandasamy becoming its first chairman.




NTUC Dental Care Society Limited (Denticare) was registered on 30 August 1971 as a dental co-operative society. It has been providing dental services for union members and workers at affordable rates for more than 30 years.