Filipino Association Singapore (FAS) is a non-profit organization that was founded on 29 August 1937. FAS is here to promote And strengthen a spirit of unity and camaraderie among its members; to promote international Understanding and joining of the two cultural streams of Singapore and the Philippines and to Fortify the friendly cooperation of the people of the two nations; to promote goodwill and fellowship Among the members through media of sports, cultural, religious; and to promote the exchange of Cultural programs between Singapore and the Philippines.



By 1955, there was a pressing need to clear land and resettle families in Singapore. Land was required by the government to build schools, hospitals, roads, housing and other public projects. There were also issues of overcrowding in the city centre and poor housing settlements that lacked proper road access, as well as water and sanitary facilities. As part of the government’s “Operation Clean-Up” initiative to remove squatters, then Minister for Local Government, Lands and Housing, Abdul Hamid bin Haji Jumat, formed a working party on 29 August 1955 to look into the squatter problem, and to propose solutions that would include the establishment of a Squatter Authority and introduction of schemes to help occupants resettle into new homes.






Costing a princely S$520,000 then, the River Valley Swimming Complex (pictures) took 18 months to complete. Consisting of one Olympic-sized pool and a wading pool, it was opened to the public on 29 August 1959 by Miss Fong Yin Ching, Assembly Representative at Stamford. The River Valley Swimming Complex was located in a commercial area with shopping centres and offices. As such, it was not optimally utilised as there were few residents in the area. And as more and better pools were built by SSC in the public housing estates, attendance declined steeply and eventually, the complex was closed on 15 April 2003 after more than four decades of existence.



The Agreement Stipulating the Territorial Sea Boundary Lines between Indonesia and the Republic of Singapore in the Strait of Singapore signed by Indonesia and Singapore on 25 May 1973 determines the common territorial sea border as a series of straight lines connecting six coordinate points located in the Straits of Singapore. Indonesia ratified the agreement on 3 December 1973 while Singapore ratified the agreement on 29 August 1974.