The Singapore Glass Manufacturers Co. Ltd. was the sole manufacturer of glass containers in Singapore. Its factory, popularly known as the Singapore Glass Factory, stood on Henderson Road, and was a famous landmark in Bukit Merah for many years, from the late 1940s to the 1970s, before the development of Henderson Industrial Estate. The factory, with a workforce of more than 1,000, provided much needed employment to residents in the surrounding areas including Bukit Merah. However, relations between the Company and its employees had been strained due to several issues such as retrenchment of workers. This culminated in a strike on 28 August 1960 that lasted 73 days before it was settled, and workers returned in batches to the factory on 9 November. The strike was marked by a number of incidents.



S. Rajaratnam, Minister for Culture officially opened the South East Asia Room of the National Library on 28 August 1964 and presentation of the Ya Yin Kwan Collection by Tan Yeok Seong, a Penang Industrialist.



On 28 August 1993, Singapore's first Presidential Election was held. Former Deputy Prime Minister and NTUC secretary general Ong Teng Cheong beat ex-accountant general Chua Kim Yeow to become the Republic's first Elected President. After nine days of campaigning, Mr Ong won 57.4 per cent of the total votes cast.



On 28 August 2011, Dr Tony Tan has been elected Singapore's seventh President, winning by a 0.34 per cent margin, or 7,269 votes. He secured 744,397 or 35.19 per cent of total valid votes, while Dr Tan Cheng Bock received 737,128 or 34.85 per cent of the valid votes. Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee announced the results following a recount early Sunday morning. The new President will be sworn in on Thursday, September 1.




Tenants at 33-year-old Princess Theatre Building are relocating or closing for good as Princess Theatre Building in Bedok to be demolished. The McDonald’s outlet will have its last day of operations on 28 August 2016.