Paya Lebar International Airport officially opened on 20 August 1955 and Kallang Civil Airport was closed to air traffic the next day. At the time of its opening, Paya Lebar had an interim terminal building and a temporary control tower. They faced a single runway that was 8,000ft long and 200ft wide. With its associated taxi tracks and aprons, Kallang was considered a Class B3 Airport based on the 1953 standards of the International Convention for Civil Aviation. The airport was described as “one of the finest in the world” as it was “equipped with completely up to date approach and runway lighting”. Together with the airport’s radio navigational aids and surveillance radar, the airport was “useable in almost any weather conditions by the largest civil aircraft”.



Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Jordan and Ivory Coast jointly sponsored Singapore’s UN application. Malaysia was the first UN member state to declare its sponsorship, and the pledge was made by then Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman on 9 August 1965 simultaneously with Kuala Lumpur’s announcement that Singapore had left Malaysia to become an independent state. Malaysia’s then permanent UN representative, R. Ramani, visited Singapore on 20 August 1965 to hold discussions with Rajaratnam and other senior government officials on procedural matters relating to Singapore’s UN application. During the visit, Ramani assured Singapore that the Malaysian government would see Singapore’s UN application through and take the necessary measures to ensure that the application was processed promptly.





The Founding of the Tan Kah Kee International Society was initiated by a group of eminent scholars, including the three Nobel Laureates, Prof Yang Chen Ning, Prof. Samuel C.C. Ting and Prof Lee Yuan Tseh; Prof Tien Chang Lin, the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley; and Prof Wang Gungwu, chairman of the East Asian Institute and the former President of Hong Kong University. The Society was founded on 20 August 1992 in Hong kong and registered in Singapore on 29 November 1996. The objective of the Society is to propagate the spirit of the late Mr Tan Kah Kee in promoting education.




UNIQLO (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. was established on 20 August 2008. Opened first UNIQLO store in Singapore, UNIQLO Tampines 1 Store on Thursday, 9 April 2009.