One of only a few sports clubs established during Colonial Times, the Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) was founded in 1883 with the main objective of encouraging amateur sports in Singapore. Cricket was the main sporting activity of the club and the first match reportedly played was between the SRC and the British Royal Artillery on 1 Sep 1883. When by 1891 membership had reached 170, plans were made for a larger pavilion. This new clubhouse pavilion was completed on 8 August 1905 and declared open by then Governor, Sir J Anderson on 2 Sep 1905.




The United Chinese Library at Armenian Street was inaugurated at this site on 8 August 1910 by the Father of Modern China, Dr Sun Yat Sen. This sole surviving reading room was initially set up to promote general knowledge and culture among the general public but extended itself to disseminate revolutionary ideas and generate support for the Chinese Revolution against the Manchu rulers. Bewteen 1908 and 1911, about 50 reading rooms were established throughout Malaya and Singapore. The library moved to Cantonment Road in 1987



National Theatre, public theatre for performances, concerts and conferences, was at the corner of Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road, located in the Central Region. It was built to commemorate Singapore's self-government in 1959 and when completed in 1963, was the largest theatre in Singapore, with a capacity of 3,420 seats. Costing S$2.2 million, it was opened on 8 August 1963 with its first show, the Southeast Asian Cultural Festival, attended by 11 Asian countries. It was the venue for various international performances and the annual National Day rallies. Offices of the National Theatre Trust were also located here. It was demolished in 1986.



Singapore is a founding member of ASEAN on 8 August 1967. Other members include Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.



The National University of Singapore (NUS) was inaugurated on 8 August 1980 with the merger of the Nanyang University (1956) and the University of Singapore (1962). The University of Singapore had its own evolution. It was preceded by the University of Malaya which was formed in 1949 when two institutions, the King Edward VII College of Medicine (1905) and Raffles College (1928) merged. In 1962, the University of Malaya became known as the University of Singapore.