On 7 August 1918, residents in Singapore would have woken up to read an unusual notice in their morning paper: an invitation to contribute interesting stories of their island over the last 100 years. The public call, issued in The Straits Times, sought to gather useful and relevant information so that an official history of the civic, public and social life in Singapore since Stamford Raffles’ arrival in 1819 could be compiled.



On 7 August 1965, the two prime ministers met. Singapore was told to leave Malaysia immediately. Lee Kuan Yew, Dr Toh Chin Chye and S Rajaratnam tried unsuccessfully to persuade the Tunku Abdul Rahman to change his decision. It is confirmed by the Governments of Singapore and Malaysia in the 7 August 1965 Separation Agreement, also known as the Independence of Singapore Agreement, 1965.




As Singaopre marks 50 years of independence (SG50), President Tony Tan declared 7 August 2015 (Friday) a public holiday. This will make for an extended Jubilee Weekend over the 7 to 10 August period so as to enable all Singaporeans to participate in commemorating this special milestone in our nation’s history.