A collision between two trains took place at around 0750 hrs on 5 August 1993 at Clementi MRT station. It appeared that one train had stopped at the station for longer than usual after experiencing a technical fault, and then a second westward train hit the first. 156 commuters were injured, many of whom were on their way to work. Eight were admitted to three hospitals, while the rest received outpatient treatment. There was an oil spill on the tracks that was responsible for the second train's inability to brake in time. Some 50 litres of oil had spilled from a locomotive doing maintenance work on the track in the pre-dawn hours of 5 August. SMRT staff had been alerted to the spill and had dispatched a cleaning crew to the neighbouring Buona Vista station, but approval to access the tracks was delayed. Already ten trains had reported difficulty braking on the track that morning. The 11th train had to use its emergency brakes upon reaching Clementi station, and while it was waiting for the brakes to be recharged so that it could move off again, the 12th approached the station and could not brake in time to avoid hitting the 11th train.



A disruption in the natural gas supply from West Natuna, Indonesia led to the tripping of seven gas fired generation plants of Tuas Power Station, Seraya Power Station, SembCorp Cogen Pte Ltd and ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd at 10.00 am on 5 August 2002. Supply was fully restored by 11.28 am. About 228 buildings in Aida (Bedok area), Mandai, Pandan, Pasir Ris, Tampines, Kaki Bukit and Tuas South areas were affected by the interruption of the electricity supply. 82% of the consumers affected were residential while the remaining 18% were commercial and industrial premises.




On 5 August 2010, the Olympic flame for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) arrives in Singapore for a six-day tour of the island.