The Supreme Court, a gazetted national monument in the Civic District, was officially opened on 3 August 1939. One of most striking feature of the building’s façade, is an intricate sculpture of Justice by Milan born sculptor Cav Rodolpho Nolli.




Shenton Way was officially opened by the Governor of Singapore Sir Franklin Gimson on 3 August 1951 at 10.30am.



Singapore became a member of the IMF and World Bank on 3 August 1966.



The Tourism Task Force was set up on 3 August 1984 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to recommend ways to boost Singapore’s tourism industry. Formed by then Minister for Finance and Trade and Industry Tony Tan and chaired by then Minister of State (Trade and Industry) Wong Kwei Cheong, the 11-member task force came at a time when the tourism industry was contracting. This was marked by a fall in tourist arrivals, from 2.95 million in 1982 to 2.85 million in 1983, slipping for the first time in 20 years. During the same period, tourism expenditure also registered a decrease from S$2.38 billion to S$2.3 billion, while hotel occupancy rates fell from 80.8 percent to 75.5 percent.