John Crawfurd, the second resident of Singapore, was the one who officially made Singapore a British possession. He signed a treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah on 2 August 1824in which the Sultan and the Temmenggong handed over the whole island to the British East India Company thus marking the start of the island's modern era.



Minister for Finance Hon Sui Sen at the opening of the Test and Finish Building of Fairchild Singapore at Toa Payoh on 5 August 1975.


Dr Hon Sui Sen (picture facing front) was the first Chairman of the Economic Development Board (1961-1968). He played a key role in the implementation of Singapore’s industrialisation strategy, with the Jurong Industrial Estate as the first major project. Sited on swamplands in the west of Singapore, the JIE soon became the centrepiece of an industrialisation programme that stretched from garments and toys to petrochemicals and electronics. The first factory in Jurong, the National Iron and Steel Mill, was opened on 2 August 1963. By 1968, there were about 300 factories employing 21,000 people in Jurong.



Communal riots of 1964 broke out on the eve of the planned massive celebrations for Prophet Muhammad's birthday when a protest demonstration by Malays escalated from a verbal war of taunts and insults with Chinese bystanders. The ensuing violence which continued for five days, left 22 people dead and 454 injured. Curfew hours were imposed to restore law and order. The curfew was gradually relaxed by 2 August 1964.



When the SPF underwent a streamlining exercise, PTS was renamed as the Singapore Police Academy (SPA). It was officially opened on 2 August 1969 by Mr Lim Kim San, the Minister of Interior and Defence then. The birth of SPA marks a significant milestone in the history of the SPF as it reaffirms and demonstrates the importance attached by the latter to training as one of the major means for improving and upgrading the calibre of its officers.



Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) was officially declared open on 2 August 1985 by Bishop Ho Chee Sin of the Methodist Church in Singapore. It started off with 1455 pupils in 37 classes. Miss Cheong Yuen Lin became its first principal. She was with the school until 1988 when she was posted to the Ministry of Education to become an Inspector of Schools.



Clementi CC at 220 Clementi Ave 4, Singapore 129880, official opening on 2 August 1986.