Noting that there was no English school in Singapore at the time, Reverend F. J. Darrah, who was then Chaplain of the Mission Chapel, appealed to the government for a grant to establish a free school and a lending library. The ruling government in Calcutta, India, while agreeing on the benefits of setting up a school, did not have the funds to finance the endeavour. Undeterred, Darrah began Sunday afternoon classes at the Mission Chapel. While the school building was being built, the government offered the loan of an empty house on High Street at the foot of Fort Canning Hill to serve as temporary premises. The Singapore Free School opened on 1 August 1834.






The Rediffusion company in Singapore was a subsidiary of Broadcast Relay Services (Overseas) Ltd, a London-based company pioneering the use of cables to broadcast radio services. As part of the company's expansion into Asia, it entered Singapore in 1948, setting up broadcasting studios at the site of the former railway station at Tank Road (now Clemenceau Avenue). On 1 August 1949, Rediffusion (Singapore) Ltd was officially opened by Governor Sir Franklin Gimson. It was Singapore's first commercial radio station. It was also Singapore's first and only cable-transmitted radio station.



During 1952, Dr Haridas, Professor Monteiro, Professor of Clinical Medicine, and Dr G Keys Smith felt that there was a need for a Society to advance the knowledge and practice of clinical paediatrics, promote child health and to encourage the development of paediatrics as a profession. So on 1 August 1952 the Singapore Paediatric Society was founded.



Singapore ceased to be a colony in August 1958, when the British Parliament on 1 August 1958 passed the State of Singapore Act which converted the colony into a self-governing state.



A total ban on the use of fireworks in Singapore was put in place when the Dangerous Fireworks Act came into operation on 1 August 1972. While the ban remains, the authorities have in recent years granted permission for fireworks to be used at certain events where appropriate safety precautions have been adopted.



Geylang East Swimming Complex is situated within the vicinity of various popular amenities, it has been serving the community around its location since 1 August 1978.



A significant milestone in expanding the range of psychiatric services was the inauguration of the Psychological Medicine Unit at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 1 August 1986. The unit provides acute care in a general hospital and meets the need for consultation-liaison work with medical and surgical units.



The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is a non-profit, non-government organisation founded on 1 August 1991. Its mission is to enable Singaporeans everywhere to think globally, feel Singaporean, be responsible world citizens and foster friendships for Singapore.



Compass Point in Sengkang opened its doors on 1 August 2002, with all its space fully taken up. On opening day, Compass Point received 40,000 visitors. The mall closed on 26 October 2015 for upgrading works and is scheduled to open in the 3rd quarter of 2016. But the name that was picked - 1 Sengkan Mall - was criticised for being boring and lacking in creativity. Many also requested that the mall retain its original name. Now it will be known as Compass One.